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Nikon Binoculars – The best binoculars in the world

Why Choose Nikon Binoculars?

Whether your interest is in hunting, bird watching, travel or for general use you cannot go wrong. Most Nikon Binoculars have multilayer-coated lenses of the highest quality, which give you astonishingly bright and sharp images.

Nikon binoculars has the reputation of being a manufacturer of the  highest quality binoculars. They are particularly well known for their precision optics. Nikon have a developed a broad range of quality binoculars for virtually any application and surprisingly at various price points representing impressive value for money.

How to buy the best Nikon Binoculars

How to buy the best Nikon Binoculars


Top 4 Nikon binoculars


Nikon 8×40 and 10×50 Action Extreme ATB Binoculars – $260

Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binoculars  offers many features appreciated by birders, hunters and astronomers. The proof is 4.6 out of 5 star (on Amazon) by hundreds of customers, along with over 100 good reviews and the best viewer award, the very impressive numbers at a line product of Nikon Binoculars.

Nikon 10x50 Action Extreme ATB Binoculars Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binoculars – One of the most famous of Nikon Binoculars

To make the best decision, it is to consider both the pros and the cons of a certain product. Of course, there’s nothing 100% perfect but some of these binoculars can actually get pretty close to meeting your requirements. We have a comparison of the technical specifications, as well as Amazon rating and their price for each of 4 best Nikon binoculars, that I selected after much research:

Also one more important thing that I didn’t mention in the comparison table, Warranty. You can be totally satisfied about Nikon’s warranty. With the most of Nikon binoculars, including 4 above products, warranty period is up to 25 years. Even your Nikon binoculars was not covered by 25 Year Limited Warranty, they will repair or replace it (even it was your fault) for just $10, plus return shipping and handling.

 Top 4 Nikon binoculars comparison

Besides beautiful design, rugged construction and finely tuned ergonomic engineering for comfortable handling during long hours of use Nikon binoculars provide unmatched value for your money. Whatever your passions, birdwatching, hunting, sightseeing or a night at opera,… I’m sure you will find an ideal one.
If you are wanting to find the best binoculars, we will save you time and effort by narrowing it down to 4 best Nikon binoculars that offer true quality for their price:

PreviewNamePriceStar RatingMore Details
Nikon 7245 Action Ex Extreme 10 X 50 mm All Terrain BinocularsUnder
Rating of 4.2 from over 650 ReviewsMore details!
Click Here
Nikon 7295 Monarch ATB 10x42 BinocularUnder
4.6 Star from over 150 ReviewsMore details!
Click Here
nikon BinocularsNikon 8-24X25 Aculon Zoom Binocular - RedUnder
4.4 Star from over 140 ReviewsMore details!
Click Here
Nikon 10x42 Prostaff 7 Binocular (Black)Under
4.8 Star from over 60 ReviewsMore details!
Click Here

With lower priced product like Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binoculars, I was really surprised by the sharp and bright optics, even at dawn and dusk. The Nikon Action Extreme really do represent excellent value for your money.

Their ergonomics and controls are rugged, smooth, easy to adjust and focus. These binoculars are Waterproof and fogproof which is incredibly helpful as anyone who spends time outdoors, even though we don’t intend to get wet it does invariably happen. This waterproofing feature will help to preserve your binoculars for years to come. Once moisture does get into a pair of binoculars it can be very difficult to totally eradicate.

Most of all, the wiggle you’d expect from 10x magnification rarely is a problem here, because the good design and frame provide a comfortable grip and easy to hold steady.
Beside, quite long eyes relief (over 17mm) make them easier to use for glasses wearers.

The best features in point form.

  • shockproof performance, Fog proof and Waterproof
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate shell with a strong all-metal chassis
  • non-slip grip – Rubber-coated body.
  • 10 X Magnification
  • 50mm Objective lens:

Whatever the distance, the view is bright, the colors generally vivid and the detail superb. Indeed, you can use the Action Ex binoculars to view a raptor at 1/4 mile (400 m) and not miss any of the action. And then, view a certain object at just 30 ft (9 m), you will see they focus very quick and clear too.


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The biggest con of this product may be their weight, 2.2 lb (1.1 kg). Actually, this is the reason that kept me from giving the Action Ex Binoculars a 5 Star Rating. However, that weight is light enough to carry around all day, and even a bit lighter than many other Nikon Binoculars in this price-range.
One more thing, these binoculars suffer from some internal reflections when used under difficult lighting situations, such as viewing a bright object like a full moon. So the optical coatings could be better. Of course, the better ones will be much more expensive so with this price, I’m fully satisfied.

Nikon 10x50 Action Extreme ATB Binoculars

Pros and Cons of Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binoculars:


  • Moderately priced
  • Waterproof and fog proof body
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent performance under most conditions
  • Long eye relief (17.2mm)
  • Good accessories
  • 25 year limited no fault warranty



  • Optical coatings could be better
  • Slightly heavy

Look at the overview, clearly these Nikon binoculars are not perfect (of course nothing 100% perfect) and not as good as superior products, but at a fraction of the price, They’re really wonderful.

$260 – Amazon discount link for Nikon 10×50 Action Ex Binocularsor
$220 – Amazon discount link for Nikon 8×40 Action Ex Binoculars

Nikon Monarch 5 8x,10x and 12×42 Binoculars – $420

Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars are a very impressive product. They are three times as good as what you can get for their price and nearly 90% as good as what you can get for $2000 products. They’re better than all of similarly priced binoculars, and even better than many much more expensive binoculars. Briefly, they’re the Best Nikon Binoculars you can get without spending big bucks. If you are still skeptical, you can read other reviews for Monarch 5 on Amazon (at here!) to see that, hundreds of customers confirmed the same thing.

Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars

Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars – The best Nikon Binoculars for Price / Quality

So why I said Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars are better than similarly priced products? Let’s consider their features:
Guaranteeing to be 100% waterproof and fogproof (the features of most Nikon Binoculars), make it easy to preserve after using under wet weather conditions.
The eye relief is great and having retractable eyecups, even works well with eyeglasses.
– Rugged rubber armor for added durability and a firm grip and comfortable carry all day even in the worst conditions.
Amazingly short focal distance, about 8 ft (2,4 m – which is one of the best of Nikon Binoculars), too great for those who want to watch butterflies, insects and other close objects.
– Most of all, Fully Multicoated lenses & Phase-Correction Coated Prisms features brighter, sharper colors, crisp and drastically improved low-light performance.

  • The low-light performance is more than adequate for birding needs in early morning or late evening. You can easily see markings on a sparrow at 50 feet or more in low light.
  • The brightness is astonishing and nearly equivalent compared to much more expensive products. You can also clearly feel the difference compared to cheaper binoculars, including Nikon Action Extreme ATB Binoculars which I reviewed above.

Check Out All Nikon Binoculars in Monarch Lineup

About cons, I haven’t found out and even haven’t read one bad review for any significant con of Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars in over 100 reviews on Amazon. If you know one, please let me know by writing them in the comment section!

Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars

So, the following is an overview about Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars:

Great quality for low price
100% waterproof and fogproof
Rugged rubber armor for solid construction
Great eye relief, work well with eyeglasses
Amazingly short close focus distance, 8 ft (2.4 m)
Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating provides excellent low-light performance and astonishing brightness
Quite light weight, about 1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
25 year limited no fault warranty

Cons: unknown

Briefly, Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars are the best Nikon Binoculars, as well as the best of any brand, that I’ve ever used in this price-range. They are entirely comparable to superior products in thousands of dollars. That’s why I did not hesitate to give Monarch 5 a 5-star rating.

$420 – Amazon discount link for Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars

Nikon Aculon T11 8x-24×25 Binoculars – $150

Although not the best in list of products that I mentioned, but Nikon Aculon T11 Binoculars strongly impressed me at the first look, by very unique design (look like a spacecraft in Sci-Fi movies) compared to traditional binoculars, and a very impressive feature: can be changed magnification easily (from 8x to 24x) by user.

Nikon Aculon T11 Binoculars

Nikon Aculon T11 Compact Zoom Binoculars

I read over 20 reviews for Nikon Aculon T11 binoculars on Amazon and noticed that, most reviews revolve around the feature of easy changing magnification. Clearly, this feature is the highlight of Aculon T11. The zoom lens is extremely versatile. Because of the extremely light weight so the shake factor does affect too much your vision with increased power, even under the highest power (24x) and top mounted controls for zoom and focus are also very convenient.

This allows you to see objects in field of vision and if not clear, you can easily zoom it up to see what’s really it, instead of trying to focus a bit closer and guessing. Of course, images under high power are not as clear as lower power, but far less distortion than other brands that I tried.

Check Out All Nikon Binoculars with Zoom Feature

Few other features are waterproof and fogproof, compact size (6.2 x 5.2 in), extremely light weight, just 7 lb (0.3 kg) – very light compared to other Nikon binoculars products, and shape for easy use and carrying. Personally, I think the red of product is also an interesting, they can be easier to find than black binoculars if you lay them down in the grass, rock or shadows. If you don’t like the red, you can pick other colours: black, white, blue, silver +black with same features, at here!

However, there’re two small cons to make me giving Nikon Aculon T11 binoculars just 4/5 star: A little difficult to hold steady at high magnifications and slightly short eye relief, just 13mm, for wearers of glasses. In all other, Aculon T11 is a great product.

Nikon Aculon T11 Binoculars

Nikon Aculon T11 binoculars:


Summary, pros and cons of the Nikon Aculon T11 binoculars:

Can be changed magnification easily (from 8x-24x) by user
Excellent price
Unique design
Waterproof and fog proof
Compact size (6.2 x 5.2 in)
Extremely light weight (0.7lb or 0.3kg)
Red (in my opinion)
25 year limited no fault warranty

A little difficult to hold steady at high magnifications
Slightly short eye relief for wearer of glasses

With low price, just $134, the features of Nikon Aculon T11 Binoculars are very impressive. A few negligible cons can not change that they’re the best zoom products of Nikon Binoculars.

$150 – Amazon discount link for Nikon Aculon T11 Binoculars

Nikon Prostaff 7 8x and 10×42 Binoculars – $280

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars look like the Nikon Monarch 5 which I reviewed above. Both look good, similar weight and size, same magnification (8x and 10x), the brightness level also seems to be comparable,… Of course as I said, Mornarch 5 are best Nikon binoculars in low price-range. But admittedly, the Prostaff 7’s are a bit sleeker, the features not less than too much while only half price (over $160 and $320).

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binocular Reviews

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars


Featuring fully multicoated lens for bright, high-resolution images and Aluminum high-reflective multilayer prism coating – comparable to Monarch binoculars”. Images very crisp and bright all the way to the edge of the lens and they’re also easy to focus.

In addition, the optical system is engineered to provide close focus distances of just over 13 ft (4 m) for all models, and the field vision up to over 330 ft (100 m).

Tough waterproof, fogproof body, quite long eye relief (15+mm) and ultra-rugged design are great features for using under harsh conditions. The rubber-armored body features sleek new contours, lead-arsenic free and Eco-Glass.

The body even has a non-slip coating on which is very comfortable to hold. Besides, the binoculars are designed to adjust very easily with each side adjusting separately then the middle adjustment for fine tuning.
One more thing, don’t forget Nikon’s 25 Year Limited Warranty.

All Nikon Binoculars in Prostaff Lineup (3, 5, 7, 7s…) on Amazon

There were just a few complaints about the lens caps and eye relief. The lens caps are not attached and come off too easily, so you have to clip them to the neck strap or just stick them in a pocket. The eye relief is not really “perfect”, it seems more suitable for those who wear glasses, and a bit inconvenient for who do not.

Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars

Prostaff 7’s are Nikon binoculars that have the most beautiful design


Summary, pros and cons of Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars:


  • Fully multicoated, bright, high-resolution optics
  • Aluminum high-reflective multilayer prism coating


  • Close focus distances of just over 13 ft (4 m)
  • Field of vision of over 330 ft (100 m)
  • Sleek and ultra-rugged design
  • Rubber-armored body and non-slip coating
  • Comfortable to use and easy to adjust
  • Waterproof, fogproof body
  • Quite long eye relief (15+mm)
  • 25 year limited no fault warranty


  • Lens caps come off easily
  • Eye relief is not really good for all

As you’ve seen, there’re too many pros while just a few negligible cons. And that minor gripes can not deny Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars are still very good value for money deal in the midsize category. They’re very comparable to Monarch binoculars but only half price. Perhaps, you should pick the Nikon Prostaff 7 if you’re a beginner (I would do so few years ago), and if you’re experienced you should pick the Nikon Monarch 5 for more pro experiences.

$280 – Amazon discount link for Nikon Prostaff 7 Binoculars

How to find your best Nikon Binoculars on Amazon

You don’t have to take my word for granted regarding these 4 products. You can find your best Nikon Binoculars (or other brands) by using the criteria that I usually use to find my own best products on Amazon. The most Notable aspects you should include in your search are:

  • Price (Of course!)
  • Number of reviews and ratings
  • Magnification
  • Construction (waterproof, fogproof, anti-slip…)
  • Objective lens
  • Close Focus Distance
  • Size (L&W)
  • Weight
  • Relative Brightness

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In my opinion, 3 most important factors are price, number of reviews and ratings, magnification.

* Price. Binoculars have price range from few tens of dollars, even few dollars, to few thousands of dollars. Therein, range around $50 to $500 is good for amateurs (birdwatchers, sightseers, travellers,…), over $500 ones are suitable for pros (researchers, pro hunters,…) and few $ price are best for kids.

* Number of reviews and ratings. It is important to have a look at what people who have purchased and used the product actulayy think about it.



Check out the Nikon Binoculars that have best rating and reviews

Always check the Number of reviews and ratings. They have a high star rating but it must come from many customers and have many good reviews. Normally, nearly no product has 100% 5 star rating from hundreds of customers because nothing 100% perfect.

Even Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars, i mentioned above, nearly have no con but just be rated 4.6 out/ 5 star (from over 150 customers). So don’t focus on 5-star products.

In my experience, just from 4 out / 5 stars and having good reviews from hundred customers are good to consider.

how to find the best nikon binoculars

Nikon 16003 PROSTAFF 7S 10 x 42 has 4.8 rating from 35 Reviews!


Magnification. Which magnification is right for you?

A mistake of beginners is getting the highest magnification possible.

More magnification is better because you can see more. Right? No, I don’t think so! There’s something you should know about magnification, this will help you decide best size you should pick.

When you learn about binoculars, you will see 2 numbers at the name of everyone, such as 8×42, 10×42, 10×50,… The first number refers the magnification, and the second is the objective lens (the big piece of glass farther from your eye). The most popular magnifications are 8x, and 10x.

The most important consideration is shake. If you haven’t used binoculars much before, I bet you can’t realize how much of a problem hand shake can be.
10x and binoculars with a higher magnification are quite hard to hold steady, even you are not particularly prone to the shakes. If you lean against somewhere, it’s fine but if you see something interesting and move to see it, much harder. As you up the magnification you also increase the problem of shakiness. When you can’t hold the binoculars steady, you can’t focus on anything.

Another you should also consider are brightness. With same size of objective lens (The second number – 42mm, 50mm,…), higher magnification means everything appear closer but also less brightness. Of course you can pick a binoculars with larger lenses but they’re also more expensive and heavy.

So which size of magnification should you select?

 8x magnification is quite suitable for many tasks, and is not to prone to shaking as much as the higher magnification. Depth of field and field of view are pretty good.

8x binoculars are suitable for bird watching, sightseeing, hunting,… which have to move much.
– 10x binoculars are usually used for watching slow birds, sightseeing in good light. People usually do not use 10x for hunting because they’re difficult to hold steady when the user the object is moving. 10x binoculars are also good choice but require a bit more technique and steadiness.
– 12x binoculars are not for normal as commonly used, but may suitable for astronomy or large static objects. Although I heard few birders use them but have never seen one. 12x is a specialized binocular. To use them, you should make sure you can hold them steady. Best, you should place them on a cradle.

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* Other factors. Few other factors you should also considers are
– Construction: Waterproof, fogproof and rugged, non-slip body, eye relief,… help you use them easily under hard conditions.
– Objective lens, i just mentioned above. Usually, larger objective lenses will be more brightness but the binoculars are also more expensive and heavy.
– Close Focus Distance is the closest distance that the binoculars can focus on. Normally, this distance is over 10 ft (3.6m). This number as low as possible. You can see, the Close Focus Distance of Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars is just 8.2ft, a very impressive number.
– Size (L&W) and weight. In my opinion, these numbers also as low as possible.
– Relative Brightness. The brightness of images that you can see through binoculars. This number as high as possible.

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