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Why You Need a Hunters Rifle Scope


Hunters , Do You Need A Rifle Scope?

The average firearm enthusiast can not only improve their aim, they can increase their level of enjoyment with the use of a scope. A scope – in simple terms – is an optic device that enables better visual sighting of an object located at a distance.

Scopes are commonly used on rifles and are increasingly being used on shotguns and handguns. Whether you’re shooting sport comes from hunting or target practice, a scope will improve your results greatly.

How A Scope Works

The best way to describe how a scope works is to compare it to the ‘old school’ method of aiming at a target. With front and rear metallic sights on a firearm, you just have to line the two up using your eye with the end of the barrel of your firearm pointed at the target.

While this has been an effective way of hitting a target, the limitations in aiming come from the distance of the target.

With a scope, where many types feature magnification, you are able to bring the target ‘closer’ to you and improve your shot.

Also, the lining up of sights is eliminated with the addition of crosshair markings inside the field of view when looking through a scope.

The crosshairs, or reticle, provides an instant aim which improves reaction time when aiming to fire a round.

The main benefit of reticle use is that it enables you to have a more precise shot than you would be able to achieve through front and back sight lining. On the offhand chance you have found focusing from rear and front sights difficult, being able to look through a scope will also increase your focus ability.


Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7×32

Featuring a 2-7×32 magnification, this scope is the one you will want to have on your rifle for various reasons. The all-new BDC SuperSub reticle has been calibrated for use with not only supersonic but subsonic ammunition as well and if you use Spot On Ballistic Match Technology this scope is completely compatible.

rifle scope

The BDC system gives you a unique aiming points in an open circle fashion out to 600 yards marked in 100 yard increments. There are also additional hash marks at distances of 50 yards making your aim superb – or at least much better increasing your odds of bagging that big one to fill the freezer at home for the winter.

Nikon rifle scope

Plus, Nikon has given this scope a fully multicoating treatment which allows for up to 98-percent light transmission which makes for a sharp image, and improved viewing in limited lighting. The design also has spring-loaded instant zero reset turrets which translates to mean you can make quick and easy adjustments in the field.

This also extends to the reticle with hand turn adjustments that can be made in ¼-inch click-stop moves you will hear and feel to verify your adjustments. The scope is also waterproof, and with the complete sealing of the housing it is also fog proof and comes backed by Nikon’s full lifetime warranty.

It also is available in a flat black colour. This is an important factor as you don’t want your target to be spooked away from light glinting off of a shiny piece of metal. Also, should you be wearing camouflage out in the field, a flat black scope will not be noticed by wildlife keeping your position concealed.

Main Benefits of the Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7×32

For something as compact as a rifle scope, you will want one packed with features. The Nikon P-300 is one that falls under that category. The 2-7×32 magnification gives you excellent target viewing from near to midrange distances and the adjustable reticle ensures you will have a much better shot at your target.

The fully multicoated lenses provide a higher light transmission which will come in handy specifically on cloudy or overcast days and later in the day as it gets darker. Where this scope performs the best is with the intricate markings inside the viewing area.

The multiple aiming points, with measurements will not only provide you with better aiming ability, it may even improve your overall shooting skills knowing exactly how far your target is. Is this the rifle scope for you? You’ll just have to trust us when we say it is one of the better ones out there.

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