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Nikon Action 10-22×50 and 7-15×35 Zoom Binoculars – Review

Nikon Action 10-22×50 and 7-15×35, two more Zoom Binoculars from Nikon in Action Lineup, and also the best Nikon’s Zoom binoculars. In quality of optic and construction, they’re quite good but similar to Aculon T11 and Aculon A211, they’re really famous because of Zoom feature, which allows you to change magnification from 10-22x or 7-15x easily.

Many users of binoculars will say that zoom binocs are not often recommended. Zoom binocs can have issues with being usable at higher magnification. But this pair of Nikon Action zoom binocs is the best pair of zooms I have tested. I find them to actually be usable throughout most of range, though stability canbe an issue at higher magnification. This is the case with all binoculars though. Use of a tripod is recommended at higher magnification. The fact that they work this well, though, is pretty much a miracle. Nikon quality shines through with this model.

Normally, most binoculars have a fixed magnification and can’t be changed by users. Each magnification is suitable for just few certain works such as, 8x binoculars are suited for hunting, birdwatching, travelling,… but 10x’s are not, they’re suited for slow birds watching in good light conditions, nature watching,… and 12x’s are very difficult to use because of much shakiness.

Nikon Zoom binocular reviews

This means each binoculars are suited for just few purposes, if you want to do others, you have to buy a new one, too inconvenient! So Zoom Binoculars are designed to solve this inconvenience.

Best Zoom Bino -Nikon Action 10-22x50 and 7-15x35 Zoom Binoculars review

I’m using a pair of Nikon Aculon T11 compact Zoom Binoculars (one of 4 best Nikon Binoculars based on quality/price) for travelling and I’m satisfied with them. But with Nikon Action 10-22×50, I’m not only satisfied, I’m pleased, they’re excellent in the world of zoom binoculars.

If you ask experienced users in binoculars about zoom products, they will tell you that zoom binocs are almost never recommended because most of them usually have very big problems with image quality when using at high magnifications. But Ation 10-22×50’s are not “most of them”, they’re good in most of power, from 10-18x, and usable at higher power. This to say, Nikon Action Zoom Binoculars are probably the best pair of zooms you can get.

I used Action 10-22×50 Binoculars for a while, so in this article, I will mainly review about them. 

Optically, the size of objective lens is 50mm, a very large lens and larger than all Nikon’s zoom binocs. This allows a good deal of light to come in, make images brighter and sharper, improve Low Light Performance for clearer view in poor light conditions (dawn, dusk and even night).

Larger lens also makes a wider Field of View (FOV), help you easily follow fast objects and not lose them.

Multi-coating and high-refraction prisms combined large objective lenses give you an extra bright and extra sharp impression even in low light conditions, and the aspherical eyepiece design makes for a wide apparent field as well.

The brightness, sharpness and low light performance of Nikon Action 10-22×50 Binoculars are even equivalent Monarch 3 10×42 and 85% of Monarch 5. That’s bright enough to watch moon and object under moonlight very clearly.

In construction, the binoculars are designed for easy and quick changing magnification, by just sliding a lever on the right side. The body has gray armored and protective rubber armor make it very rugged. The smooth armor is sufficiently tacky to provide a good grip.

Body design is standard porro prism, and comfortable in the hands, with a large comfortable ribbed focus control. Eye relief of about 10mm is easy and comfortable to see the full field.

Nikon Zoom binocular reviews

In optic, Nikon Action zoom binoculars are great but in construction, they have a few weak points.

– The frist is weight, 2.3 lb, this’s biggest con of Action 10-22×50 binoculars and of all products in Action lineup. This make them not suited for travelling or hunting.
– No waterproof and fogproof body. Let’s make sure to do not use them under rain.

– Limited eye relief, just 10mm. This means that wearers of glasses will not see the full field of vision.

– The diopter adjustment is slightly loose and may be moved out of focus unintentionally.

With strong and weak points above, Action 10-22×50 zoom binoculars are suited for birdwatching, nature watching and “backyard astronomy”, not suited for travelling, hunting,… because they’re heavy and large.

10x is more than sufficient for exploring the distant objects around you, although slightly shaky but you can still hold them steady by hands, just leaning against something solid. But when using at higher magnification, you should add the included tripod mount.

I used them at highest magnification (22x) to watch the moon. Details on the moon fairly popped out very sharp, beautiful and close. Maybe a bit closer, I could even touch the moon.

Nikon Zoom Binoculars

The following is summary of pros and cons of Nikon Action 10-22×50 Zoom Binoculars:

Amazing Zoom Feature

Large objective lenses, 50mm

High-refraction prism with multicoated lens

Easy and quick changing magnification

Gray armored and protective rubber armor

25 Year No Fault Warranty

Quite heavy and large
No waterproof and fog proof body
Limited eye relief, just 10mm
Slightly loose diopter adjustment

They seems to have many cons but look at their features, with $300 you nearly own all Action models with 50mm objective lens and magnification from 10x – 22x, with price from $150 – $200 for each!

Nikon Zoom binocular reviews

If you don’t like 10-22×50 model, you can consider Action 7-15×35 Zoom Binoculars. Although smaller objective lenses make image quality lower but they’re lighter, smaller, and much cheaper (just $130). They’re also much easier to hold steady by your hands so 7-15×35 may be more suited choice for beginners.

Amazon link for Nikon Action 7-15×35 Zoom Binoculars

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Nikon Zoom Binoculars - Best Zoom Binos on the market at a Reasonable price
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