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Nikon Laser Range Finder Review

What is the Benefit of a Nikon Laser Range Finder?

A laser range finder is a specialized type of optic device. While they all have magnification capabilities, the main use of a range finder is to determine the distance between you and a specific object being viewed.

As range finders are used in this manner, manufacturers have developed three very distinct kinds of range finders that have very different applications from one another. The three different types are generally described as hunting/nature, golf and forestry.

1 – Hunting/Nature Range Finders

This type of range finder provides a series of measurements related to larger objects being viewed. That can be wildlife or targets for shooting. The way in which this kind of range finder works is that it is designed to focus on objects of a size that are easier to isolate from the rest of the field of view.

The main difference between hunting/nature range finders than the rest is that these are also available as binoculars. Typically range finders are monoculars.


2 – Golf Range Finders

This kind of range finder is designed with one single purpose. It is meant to be used to locate a golf flag and isolate it from the rest of the field of view. The precision required with this specific range finder is that it is sensitive in identifying and locking onto the thin, vertical flag stick and calculating a distance measurement.

This is a perfect tool for golfers who have difficulty estimating distance and is valuable in assisting with proper club selection during a round of play.

3 – Forestry Range Finders

This type of range finder is used to isolate a specific tree in a stand of trees. It is then used to calculate such data as the distance away the tree is from the viewer and how tall it is. It can also be used to calculate such things as how far from the ground a nest is in a tree.

The main difference between this type of range finder and the others is that it normally is not capable of calculating elevation changes between the start and finish of a trajectory as would be useful in hunting and golf range finders.


Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

If you are looking for a range finder that is extremely easy to operate, this is the one! Operation is described as intuitive and all you have to do is push a single button and the unit instantly calculates the distance between you and what you are aiming it at. It’s that fast!

When you hold the button down the range finder provides an ongoing measurement for up to 20-seconds allowing you to scan across the field of view to read all other distances.


The readout is clear and there are no other pieces of data or markings that will get in the way and distract you from the calculations you are seeking. The ACULON features a Distant Target Priority Mode which means it automatically displays the distance of the target that is furthest away from you when a series of targets are in the field of view.

It comes complete with 6x magnification and a 20-millimeter objective lens with long eye relief measured at 16.7mm. The lenses have Nikon’s multilayer coating which translates to mean there will be high light transmission providing sharp images in low lighting circumstances.

The compact design combined with lightweight construction (it weighs just 4.4-ounces without batteries), you will find yourself relying on this palm sized range finder on a regular basis.

Nikon Laser range finder

Nikon packages all of their specialty optic devices with solid warranties. This should tell you that the company stands by their product and says a lot about the quality workmanship put into the design and manufacture of Nikon range finders, binoculars or any other visual enhancing product they produce.


Nikon Prostaff 7i Laser Range Finder

Speed, precision and consistency are the words often used to describe this range finder. Using something called a Hyper Read system, this Nikon product provides quick and stable measurements regardless of distance. Reliable Horizontal Distance display mode and Actual Distance mode gives you two sets of calculations that are easy to switch between with Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology.


The BDC reticles and Spot On Ballistic Match Technology give you accurate distance calculations with 8 to 1,300 yard ranging capabilities. The lenses feature Nikon’s multilayer coating for maximum light transmission in poor lighting conditions. The unit is sealed to make it waterproof and is rugged and has a 6x magnification.

Amazing Rangefinder! The Nikon Range finder betters rangefinders that cost five times the amount this is sold for. On a rifle range with the distance known of 1000 yds the accuracy was within 0.1 of a yard.  Super compact and is supplied with a neck strap and nylon case.

The pocket-sized design makes it portable and easy to take wherever you need it. It also provides long eye relief and a 21mm front lens. The battery chamber is also water resistant and this range finder can be operated in a wide temperature range. It is rated to be used between -10C to +50C which mean it can easily become your winter, spring, summer and fall companion.

Nikon laser reviews

Also remember that this Nikon product is no different than any others manufactured by the company when it comes to warranty protection. Nikon stands by their products and that should give you a great deal of comfort and confidence when buying a range finder with their name stamped on it.

Nikon PROSTAFF 7 Laser Rangefinder

Nikon calls this particular range finder one of their best utilizing new optic technology focusing on cutting edge precision and consistency. The unit has a 6×21 magnification and utilizes a large ocular lens which provides a large sight picture of the field of view with extremely high resolution.


Add to this the incredible eye relief of 18-millimetres and you will see this range finder is easy and comfortable to use. Features include Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology which compensates for different terrain and angles plus, it provides quick measurements. In fact, a single button provides data quickly and to conserve battery life, it will automatically power down after 8 seconds.

An improved LCD display is easy to read and with the addition of an LED backlighting design, you can easily switch modes without having to decipher the data from the contrasting backgrounds being viewed. The Nikon BDC reticles combined with Spot On Ballistic Match Technology ensures you will be seeing the most accurate readings possible.

Nikon binocular reviews

In fact, this range finder displays range distances in 1-yard increments with true 600 yard ranging capabilities that can be switched between yards and meters quickly. As is typical with Nikon products, there are solid warranties attached to everything with that brand name on it which should give you added confidence in your selection.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is no such thing as one range finder that will do everything you would want one to do. If you have specific needs, such as for hunting or birding, your best bet is a range finder designed for spotting and measuring the distance of larger objects. Magnification is important as is high light transmission for low or poor light conditions.

Although the final choice is still going to be determined by your personal taste and experience, these three range finders should be on your list of potential choices. In our minds they are the best of the Nikon products and you will not be disappointed if you were to choose any one of the range finders reviewed here.

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