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Nikon Monarch X 8.5×45 and 10.5×45 Binoculars – Review

Nikon has further developed its optical technology. The all Terrain Binocular line features benefits that the bird spotter or hunter who is serious about low light vision. This new Nikon Monarch X binocular series has a 45mm objective lens which provides a larger exit pupil for increased low light performance, whilst maintaining excellent balance and comparable weight.
Available in 8.5×45 for the ultimate in light transfer and 10.5×45 for an ideal combination of power and performance, the Monarch X works equally well on tough stalks or long sits on stand. The Nikon advanced Dielectric high-reflective multi layer prism coating, the Monarch X provides a brighter, crisp view particularly critical at dawn and dusk periods. This model has long eye relief of 8.5×45=20.6mm and 10.5×45=16.0mm.
The multi-position click-stop eye cups makes using the New Monarch X a simple pleasure for any user—with or without eyeglasses.

Some of the main Beneifts of the Nikon Monarch X 8.5×45

  • Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating,
  • Advanced technology provides uncompromising low light performance
  • Full Multi coated Lenses & Phase-Correction Coated Prisms, Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on all glass surfaces for vivid bright image
  • Excellent non-slip grip protective and durable, Rubber-Armored Coating,
  • Fogproof & Waterproof, Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed body
  • Large size central focus knob, allows easier use for faster focusing.

Nikon Monarch X 8.5x45 Binoculars

Optically, larger size of lens allows Monarch X to capture and transmit more light to your eyes, improve Low Light Performance, make images brighter and sharper in all conditions, including poor light conditions: dawn, dusk, even night under moon light,…

All lenses on the Nikon Monarch X are fully multi-coated with anti-reflection coatings.
The anti-reflection is applied and this’s very important to minimize reflection on the lens surfaces, which may cause ghosting and flaring, affecting image contrast.
And Fully Multicoated lenses means that Monarch X’s lenses have not only one layer of anti-reflection coating but multiple layers. This reduces reflected light and increases the transmittance of light many times.

The Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating used on the Nikon Monarch X assures a uniform and ultra-high reflectivity, up to more than 99% across the visible light spectrum. This means the images you see through Monarch X Binoculars are nearly as bright and sharp as seen by naked eyes, but many times bigger.

All these high quality optical factors make a big difference in images compared to cheaper binoculars. I compared Monarch X 8.5×45 Binoculars to Monarch 7 8×42. The result was same as my prediction. Thanks to larger Objective Lens, Anti-Reflection Coatings and Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating, the brightness and sharpness of Monarch X were more excellent, images and colours were very natural.
Field of View (FOV) is also very noticeable.

I was startled at extremely wide FOV of Monarch 7, but in Monarch X 8.5×45, FOV is even wider because larger lens allows to capture and transmit more light to eyes.

Do not need to be an experienced one in binoculars, you can also easily see outstanding quality of Monarch X 8.5×45 compared to Monarch 7 8×42.

Nikon binocular reviews

In optic, large lens is a big advantage but in construction, it’s a big problem. Larger lens makes binoculars heavier. However, Nikon have made the body from a polycarbonate resin reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber to keep their weight to a minimum and without sacrificing their durability. Indeed, Nikon Monarch X 8.5×45’s weight is 1.6 lb, just 0.3lb heavier than Monarch 7.

The Monarch X’s body is covered by a Durable Rubber Armour ensure a rugged grip in all-weather conditions. And a Non-slip Coatings feels great in the hands and very comfortable to carry all day. 100% water and fogproof body is the feature in all Monarch products.
I dropped my Monarch 5 Binoculars in puddles 2 times and used under rain many times but now, after 3 years they’re still very great. And according to Nikon, Monarch X can totally do same things.

Very long Eye Relief, 20.6mm – one of longest eye relief I’ve ever seen, a good news for glasses wearers. Long eye relief help you view the complete image as well as full field vision without having to remove your glasses.

Enlarged Central Focus Knob, that turns very smoothly, is an amazing feature of Monarch X , makes easy and quick to focus and allows you change focus without having to change my grip on the optics.
The Close Focus Distance is 9.8ft (3m), not bad but it’s still slightly far. This means that they’re not suitable for watching insects (butterflies, dragonflies,…).

Generally, Monarch X 8.5×45 Binoculars are nearly perfect except the eye-piece covers did not fit tightly enough so may came away from the binocular accidentally which can get a little annoying. This’s not a big problem but Nikon can totally makes it better.

Nikon Monarch X 8.5x45 Binoculars

The following is summary of Pros and Cons of Nikon Monarch X 8.5×45 Binoculars:

Large size of Objective lens
Fully Multi-Coated with Anti-Reflection Coatings
Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coating
Extremely wide Field of View (FOV)
Durable Rubber Armour and Non-slip Coating
100% waterproof and fogproof body
Very long Eye Relief – 20.6mm
Enlarged Central Focus Knob
Nikon’s 25 Years No Fault Warranty

Nikon binocular reviews

Eye-piece covers should get better

Nikon Monarch X 8.5×45 Binoculars are perfect optically, provide as 99% natural images and colours as seen by naked eyes, and nearly perfect in construction with amazing features.
Like most 8x binoculars, Monarch 8.5x’s are perfect for birdwatching, hunting, events, sports,… 8.5x’s are not more difficult to hold steady than 8x so these’re ideal binoculars for beginners. But this does not mean just beginners, they’re pro binoculars and also suitable for experienced users.


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