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Nikon Premier LX-L 10×25 and 8×20 Binoculars – Review

The Nikon 7507 Premier is the Best Hunting Binocular on the Market

Nikon Premier is the most premium lineup of Nikon’s binoculars. And Premier LX-L 10×25 and 8×20 Binoculars are the most compact and cheapest products of this line.
With compact size and extremely light weight, unmatched Field of View and image quality in the world of compact offerings as well as many other amazing features, LX-L 10×25 and 8×20 are perfect binoculars for travelling, birdwatching and hunting.

Nikon Premier LX-L 10x25 and 8x20 Binoculars Review

Optically, they’re superior in compact binoculars!

All lenses are coated by Phase-Corrected and Silver Coated Roof Prisms with Fully Multicoated Lenses. Nikon’s Phase-Correction enhances the resolution for excellent view while Silver Coating deliver extremely bright, clear and vivid images. And Fully Multicoated Lenses means not only one Silver Coated layer but multiple layer (usually 3 to 5 layers), provides images with extremely high brightness and sharpness, almost equivalent to the images seen by naked eyes.

Filed of View (FOV) is very noticeable factor. 283 feett (86m) at 10×25 model and especially 356 ft (108m) at 8×20 model. This’s a very incredible FOV at a binoculars with 20mm objective lenses. Compared to Monarch 5 8×42 (one of best Nikon Binocularswith 42mm Objective lens, FOV of Premier LX-L 8×20 is even wider while only half size of lens.
A wide FOV is very important, allows you follow very fast and small objects (a small bird, a golf ball,…) and not lose them.

Close Focus Distance is also advantage of Premier LX-L Binoculars. At 10×25 model, this distance is 10.4ft (3.1m), good number but not special. But at 8×20 model, this distance is just 7.8ft (2.36m), closer than all binoculars such as Prostaff 7, Action, Aculons, Trailblazer and Monarchs which I reviewed before, and close enough for watching butterflies and insects although they’re not designed to do so.

So, a extremely wide FOV, short Close Focus Distance, Ultra-high brightness and sharpness of Nikon Premier LX-L 10×25, 8×20 Binoculars deliver near-perfect view as seen by the naked eyes, but many times bigger.

Nikon binocular reviews

In construction, the light weight and compact size are highlights. The sizes – L & W (in) – are 3.7 x 4.3 and 4.4 x 4.3, the weights are 9.5 oz and 10.5 oz for 8×20 and 10×25 models. These are the most light and compact binoculars I’ve ever tried. When folded, they fit in the palm of your hand. And with the weight is just half bottle of water, you even may forget that you’re wearing them on neck.

The body is made from magnesium alloy offers incredible ruggedness at a sensible weight. Non-slip coating makes easy and comfortable to hold even under wet conditions. Beside, o-ring sealed and dry nitrogen filled, fitted on all Nikon Premier binocularsfor 100% waterproof and fogproof.

Eye relief 15mm, quite long at a compact binoculars. Quite long eye relief and turn-and-slide rubber eyecups with multi-click adjustments, good news for those who wear glasses.
Premier LX-L 10×25 and 8×20 also features smooth central focusing and central diopter control for quick and easy focusing.

One more advantage that I would love in Nikon Binoculars is 25 Years Limited Warranty and No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy. This makes me always feel secure when using Nikon’s binoculars.

Few ones asked me “if their price is slightly expensive?” I said “no”!
Although they’re more expensive compared to most Nikon Binoculars but take a look at their quality, they’re better than Monarch 7  (the best product in Monarch lineup), wider FOV, equivalent brightness, sharpness and all other features while the size and weight are only half.
So I think they’re even more valuable than $546!

Nikon Premier LX-L 10x25 and 8x20 Binoculars Review

10×25 and 8×20 models

The following is summary pros and cons of Nikon Premier LX-L 10×25 and 8×20 Binoculars:


  • Extremely wide Field of View (FOV)
  • Short Close Focus Distance
  • Phase-Corrected
  • Silver Coated Roof Prisms with Fully Multicoated Lenses
  • Extremely light weight and compact size
  • 100% waterproof and fogproof
  • Long eye relief with turn-and-slide rubber eyecups
  • Quick and easy focusing
  • 25 Years Limited Warranty

Cons: unknown

The quality in optic as well as construction between 2 models 8×20 and 10×25 are same. Depending on your passion, you can pick 8x or 10x.
If you like watching bird (small and fast birds), hunting, traveling,… which need to move much, you should pick 8×20. They’re not wiggled and very easy to hold steady.
And if you like watching slow birds, nature or astronomy, 10x is more suitable. I usually advise people to do not use 10x for hunting and travelling because of shakiness, but Premier LX-L 10x binoculars are different. They’re very light so shakiness is not too big problem, just leaning against something solid is ok.

Nikon binocular reviews

Nikon Premier LX-L 8×20 and 10×25 binoculars are best in the world of compact products. Perfect quality of optic and construction in an excellent weight and size, and price too!

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