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Nikon Travelite VI 8×25, 10×25 and 12×25 Binoculars – Review

Nikon Travelite VI 8×25, 10×25 and 12×25 Binoculars, more choices for compact binoculars from Nikon. The first look, I was very impressed with their interesting shape, looks like two exhausts of Motorcycle, and quite similar to Prostaff 25mm’s. Actually, Travelite VI’s are also good but not excellent in optic, but their features of construction are very impressive, super light and compact, extremely suited for travelling, hunting and sporting event.

They are very good choice for compact binoculars at this low price-range. However, a few small cons made me didn’t took them into the list of best Nikon Binoculars for quality / price.

Nikon Travelite VI 8x25, 10x25 and 12x25 Binoculars

Nikon Travelite VI 8×25, 10×25 and 12×25 Binoculars – Price $82, $99 and $119

Optically, as I mentioned above, Nikon Travelite VI Binoculars are not excellent but they also have few good features and especially in this low price-range, that features are very significant.

Travelite VI’s have optical quality quite similar to Nikon Trailblazer 25m Binoculars (other compact binoculars in same price-range). 25mm Objective Lens is made from eco glass, free of lead and arsenic make lighter weight and safe for users. All lenses are aspherical lenses, minimise distortion of images and provide sharp and clear view up to the periphery. Mutil-coating of anti-reflective layers on every lenses give bright images and improve low light performance, allow you see clearer in poor light conditions.
My Trailblazer 10×25 Binoculars works very well in poor light conditions, watching the sea under sunset, enjoying operas with cheap tickets in dark theaters. Even, I could use them to read license plates at hundreds of feet on highway in night. These Travelite binoculars have similar quality of optics so they can totally do the same thing.

Travelite VI’s has quite small Field of View (FOV), just 320 feet in 8x, 287 feet in 10x and 240 feet in 12x models. The small FOV will limit your vision, make more difficult to follow fast object. This’s also weak point that I dislike at this binoculars. However, if you consider to the small objective lens, just 25mm, then these FOVs are acceptable.

The Close Focus Distances (minimum focusing distance) are 10 feet in 8x and 13.2 feet in 10x and 12x models, these’re not really good but also not too bad with low-price products. And actually, compact binoculars with small objective lens are inherently unsuitable for watching butterflies and insects, so a short Close Focus Distance is unnecessary.

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12×25 Binoculars

In construction, the light weight, just about 10 ounces (0.28kg), and compact design, the optic tubes can be curved inwards, are very impressive. They weigh just half  bottle of water and small enough to stuff into a coat pocket with 8x and 10x models. 12x ones are a bit larger than brothers so you may need a larger coat, or wear them on neck and comfortably carry all day but hardly feel their weight.
Optical quality of these Travelite Binoculars may be not really good, but with travellers, hunters, sports fans… who need  to move much and carry a lot of heavy items or stand in crowded places, they’re willing to sacrifice a bit of viewing quality in exchange for the compact size and light weight.
Monarch 7 Binoculars are very great if I spot a beautiful scene on trekking trip. But after tramping for miles in woods, I even do not want to pick them up to look. Just few pounds heavier at that times may be also big difference.

Travelite VI’s design look very rugged and are made from special rubber armour for perfectly shockproof and solid body. Carbon fibre is also added into the body material to significantly improve durability. A non-slip rubber is coated exterior and special shape provide a comfortable grip and enhance ergonomics.

Click-type dioptre adjustment ring is a very notable feature of Nikon Travelite VI. It moves per clicks of one degree each and stays where it was set. This help prevent unintentional rotation of traditional dioptre adjustment. Large focusing knob works very smooth, easy and quick. It’s also tight enough to do not turn unintentionally.

They have 14mm eye relief in 8x model and 11mm in 10x and 12x models, with flip-down rubber eyecups, quite long eye relief with compact binoculars and I was surprised with this size. This’s very good for wearers of glasses, helps them see almost full field of view.

Nikon Travelite VI 8x25, 10x25 and 12x25 Binoculars

However, Nikon Travelite VI has few cons that you can spot in use.
Small FOV, as I said above, makes it harder to find your target. But you can see this is the inevitable of compact binoculars with small objective lens (just 25mm).
The eye relief in 10x and 12x models is 11mm, quite short for glasses wearers.
No waterproof and fogproof body.

Look at these pros and cons, Travelite VI seem to be less than Nikon  Trailblazer 25mm’s (other Nikon’s compact binoculars). The Trailblazers are waterproof and fogproof, larger FOV, a bit smaller, lighter and cheaper. However, Travelite VIs are much rugged, this’s specially useful in tramping, trekking and hunting.

The following is summary of pros and cons of Nikon Travelite VI Binoculars:

Mutil-coating of anti-reflective layers
Eco glass, free of lead and arsenic and aspherical lenses
Quite good close focus distance
Extremely lightweight and compact
Made from special rubber armour and Carbon fibre for super rugged body
Click-type dioptre adjustment ring
Large focusing knob
Excellent price
25 years no fault warranty

Small FOV
Short eye relief in 10x and 12x models
No waterproof and fogproof body

Nikon Travelite VI Binoculars are great for travelling, hunting, sport events and tramping around woods. You may complain about their cons and spend much more money to get great Monarch Binoculars for perfect view, waterproof feature,… or better ones are Premier LX-L 8×20 and 10×25 – the best Nikon’s compact binoculars. But considering quality / price ratio, you have to admit that nothing beats them.

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12×25 Binoculars

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